Virtual Programming is calling for volunteers for beta testing games it is developing for the Mac, with free games offered as a reward.

As long as you are an avid gamer with a Mac running OS X 10.6.8 or higher the company wants to hear from you. Simply send an email stating which game genres you are most interested in and the precise spec of your Mac, including details of the processor, RAM, video card and model. 

You'll also need to say whether or not you've used a web-based bug reporting system and whether or not you have five hours per week to spend playing a game and reporting bugs.

"If we choose you, we’ll send you an email and explain how to access our bug reporting system, as well as how to download the Beta version of the game you’ve been chosen to test. We’ll also notify you on a regular basis when new projects are available," a message on the company's website reads. 

Successful applicants, as well as getting free copies of the game they test, could also earn points at Deliver2Mac and other games too, the company said.

Virtual Programming publishes games such as Supreme Commander 2, Darkest of Days and X3: Terran Conflict.

If you want to volunteer your services, email the company at [email protected].