The ecosystem supporting remote access for Macs expanded just a little more last night, with Redstone Software's release of Vine Viewer and Vine Server 3.0.

Vine Viewer and Vine Server are well-supported Virtual Networking Computing (VNC) solution for Macs, with the new versions introducing support for international keyboards.

Vine Viewer users can access and control remote computers from anywhere in the world over the internet, including computers running other operating systems where a VNC server is running.

Fully Leopard compatible, Vine Viewer 3.0 also introduces full-screen control and support for Windows UltraVNC server login enabling users to log in using their Microsoft username and password.

“Vine Viewer is a VNC solution that can connect to any VNC server on any operating system and we have received very positive feedback on this product. But, until now, it lacked international keyboard support that limited our ability to support the needs of the global market,” said the company's managing director, Christopher Young.

Vine Server has also been bought up-to-date, offering a simplified interface that makes initial setup extremely easy while still supporting server setting customisation through the preferences panel. Automatic keyboard type detection and Unicode keyboard support have also been introduced.

Vine Viewer is available for trial and purchase from Redstone Software.

Redstone is offering Vine Viewer for a special $5 discount price of $30 (£15.07) until the end of the year.