Now your Mac can speak with a proper English accent, using new voices from AssistiveWare and the Acapela Group, who have updated their British Infovox iVox voices for Mac OS X.

The Leopard-compatible Infovox iVox update improves the pronunciation of a number of Mac related terms as well as several other words.

Once installed these voices appear in the Speech panel of the System Preferences and can be used by any application that has speech functionality, including Preview, TextEdit, Mail, VoiceOver, Microsoft Word (through its Speech toolbar), VisioVoice, Proloquo, GhostReader, Acrobat, AppleScript, Kurzweil 3000 for Macintosh (version 3.0.4. and higher), TextHelp Read and Write Gold for Mac (version 2.1 and higher) and many others.

AssistiveWare's UK reseller Microlink PC is offering the British voices at a discount when sold with a new Mac and TextHelp Read and Write Gold for Mac.

Infovox iVox voices are sold per language with each language consisting of one or more male and/or female voices.