While most New Year’s resolutions are waning by this time of year, game publisher Bulky Pix is making good on its ambitious plan to release 40 iPad and iPhone games in 2011. These new titles will double its current library of games for iOS devices. The Paris- and San Francisco-based publisher developed about a third of these new releases inhouse, while the remaining projects are being developed by outside studios.

You might have already recognised some new Bulky Pix titles in the iOS App Store over the past few weeks; Hysteria Project 2, iCannon Hellfire, and Cardboard Castle are already available for download on the App Store.

Hysteria Project 2 (a sequel to the award-winning original) begins where its predecessor left off. Bulky Pix promises the sequel will be longer than the original (providing over an hour of gameplay) but fans will likely still find the episodic first person horror series to be short. Employing new filming techniques and gesture controls, the player must find clues and navigate a maze-like building while hiding from a serial killer. In one thrilling segment of the game, you have to peer out behind a wall to see what the killer is doing. But if you peer out too far, he’ll see you and it’s game over. Developed internally at Bulky Pix, Hysteria Project 2 is available for £1.19 on the iTunes App Store.

Another Bulky Pix-developed title, iCannon Hellfire, is a shooter game with a twist: players must defend their position from invasion from not just one direction, but from a full 360 degrees around them. iCannon utilises the iPhone’s accelerometer to create the illusion of adrenaline-pumping combat all around you. The game features over 20 missions and the ability to garner powers like an energy wave or invincibility.

Additionally, this month will see the launch of three third-party games published by the company. Cardboard Castle (from Whitebirds) takes place in a medieval, colourful world. The physics puzzle game follows a heroic (albeit, cardboard) knight as he travels the land performing noble tasks. The puzzles often require a combination of touch and gesture controls and a resourceful mind. In order to defeat an enemy knight, for example, you can tap on a raincloud to melt him. Then, once he’s just a pile of mush, use the mush to help build a bridge. The strange logic and unique visuals of the game are sure to amuse both kids and adults.

Meanwhile, 3D Twist & Match by Sanuk Games just launched recently. The arcade game challenges players to rotate 3D objects to match their own shadows. With three difficulty levels, 200 objects to match, and three game modes, Bulky Pix hopes that 3D Twist & Match will provide many hours and variations of enjoyable gameplay. Additionally, the game offers a choice of ten themed scenes (such as Christmas, jungle, and beach) to play around in.

Towards the end of the month, DotEmu’s puzzle game Gobliiins 2 will be offered in the iOS App Store. The game takes players on a journey to rescue the Prince Buffoon, who has been kidnapped. With the help of Fingus and Winkle—two “goblins” with opposing skills and personalities—players will navigate the funny story and retro puzzles to defeat the game’s villainous Amoniak. Combining the distinctive cartoon visuals of French artist Pierre Gilhodes with Lemmings-like gameplay, Gobliiins 2 expands a franchise that was well known in the early 1990s but is getting new life on the iOS platform.

In March, Burn it All (by Pastagames), Tiny Token Empires (from BiP Media), and Hills of Glory: WWII (Whitebirds) will all be added to the Bulky Pix roster. The former, a puzzle game, uses cartoonish graphics to help three flames burn their way towards fresh air. Meanwhile, strategy-based Tiny Token Empires involves cultivating and expanding ancient empires. However, the game has a self-proclaimed sense of humour and provides a comical take on characters like monsters and gods. Hills of Glory: WWII is a tower defence game that charges players with protecting their bunker using weapons straight out of the Second World War. Enemies will arrive by the droves in tanks, on foot, and by plane and players will have their choice of strategies and weapons to use to beat them back.

Forty games in a year is no modest number. While information on all titles hasn’t been revealed yet, the publisher is continuing to update its lineup and improve its already released games. With few publishers in the iOS market appearing dominant, Bulky Pix senses an opportunity to throw its hat in the ring.