Canto and Quark today revealed an integration between the Canto Cumulus digital asset management system and the newly announced Quark Publishing System (QPS) 7.

Cumulus provides QPS 7 workgroups a central repository from which to access and store assets. What's more, Cumulus' check-in/out and version control supports all asset formats, enabling QPS 7 work groups to better manage all their files - not just those used in QPS 7 projects.

Cumulus also provides a 'portal' view onto the assets of QPS 7 work flows for managers or clients - even over the web.

"We particularly welcome the release of Quark Publishing System 7, as QPS 7 is Java-based and supports open standards", says Canto CEO Ulrich Knocke.

"This enables technology partners like us to smoothly integrate QPS 7 into existing systems. Following Canto BrandAssistant, our successful integration of Cumulus and QuarkXPress 7, this opens up a wide range of new opportunities for QPS 7."

Assets catalogued in Cumulus can be assigned to new QPS 7 projects at any time, while built-in automation features can help ensure that only licensed assets available for layout.

Cumulus also makes it easy for users to create PDF or JPEG versions of Quark projects, layouts or individual pages, enabling fast web publishing. It can even create these files automatically, so an art director can see hourly JPEG renders of a layout in progress, while the layout artist remains focused on design.