West-Forest-Systems has released CDFinder 4.7, the latest version of its veteran software for managing and keeping track of media.

The application has been around for a decade. It's a disk cataloguing utility for Macs that keeps track of any data disk, CD-ROM, DVD, iPod, network volume, or audio-CD.

Existing customers include: IKEA, NASA, the CIA, Warner Bros, Pfizer, Hasbro, the University of Edinburgh, and the New York Times.

The new version is a Universal binary for both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs and introduces some new features.

Additional features include: the capacity to import catalogue data; the capacity to read image and audio metadata in most commonly-used media formats; the ability to catalogue audio CDs; support for AppleScript; Support for Spotlight search; and the capacity to find data using searches based on every available piece of metadata the application can catalogue.

The contents of archive files can be catalogued including StuffIt, StuffIt Deluxe, Compact Pro, ZIP (used by Mac OS X), TAR, .rar, and the older Apple Installer (Tome) files.

CDFinder for Windows is also available. Licences for both Mac and Windows versions cost $30.