Channel D Software has introduced AudioLeak 2.0.4, an application that simultaneously analyses the perceived loudness level of audio files and real-time input.

AudioLeak is fast, it's capable of previewing and checking perceived playback levels of audio files at over 200 times real time, without requiring playback of the original file.

The application offers average RMS unweighted, A-Weighted and Peak levels, and more. AudioLeak supports many audio file formats, including lossy and lossless, of any duration and sample rate. The software offers "dozens" of additional features for audio pros.

The software is of particular use to broadcast and podcast professionals for analyzing, monitoring and setting proper audio loudness levels.

A downloadable time-limited demonstration version can be configured to run in Standard or Professional mode.

AudioLeak 2.0.4 costs $29.95 while AudioLeak Professional is $59.95.