Chronos has released SOHO Labels 3.5 and iClipboard 1.1, the latest updates to two of its products.

Free update, SOHO Labels 3.5 provides two new features: circular text boxes and postcode sorting. Circular text can now be placed on designs. Dedicated inspector tools are available for customizing whether the text is drawn inside or outside of the circle and the angle.

Content is now clipped to the printable area when printing disc labels (useful for printing directly onto discs); while a selection of minor foibles have been addressed.

iClipboard 1.1 is a free update to the clipboard manager for Mac OS X. One improvement is a new empty clipping always at the top of the Shelf so users can conveniently drag and save new content in iClipboard. Additional new features include: Clippings can now be cleared on a project-by-project basis and iClipboard works with Spaces

Fully functional 30 day trial versions of both applications are available from the company website.