Rising Sun Research has announced cineSync v1.2, a new version of its cross-platform remote review and approval tool.

cineSync enables the shared exchange of ideas using synchronised moving images and drawn annotations. It allows multiple users to simultaneously and securely view QuickTime movies from multiple locations, with all movies being played in perfect synchronisation.

The tool has been designed to serve as the digitally connected equivalent of working collaboratively with moving pictures and still images with others in the same room. It lets all parties see the same image at the same time, and lets them point at specific parts of the screen to discuss any necessary changes.

The new version introduces a text drawing tool, which supplements its existing pencil, arrow and circle drawing tools. It also adds a buddy list, introduces the capacity to save dialogue sessions, and provides XML support for picture edit session data import/export.

The application's drawing tools have also been improved to be faster and more responsive, multiple undo/redo tools have also been introduced.

cineSync v1.2 is available now for Mac OS X and Windows XP systems. The software is available on a monthly, six-monthly and 12-monthly subscription basis, but is free to use for anyone joining a review session.

Sample fees for a one-month service are: two users, $99; five users, $199; ten users, $319. Pricing scales down to reflect contractual duration.