CommuniGate Systems has introduced CalDAV support to its Unified Communications platform.

The CalDAV standard - which is supported by Mac OS X - lets users share scheduling resources and calendar events. The standards-based solution works across multiple calendar standards, such as iCal, MAPI, WebCal, and now CalDAV for seamless interoperability of clients and organisational scheduling services.

With the new CalDAV support, Mac users can benefit from shared calendaring and scheduling, without having to rely upon Microsoft client or server products, the company said.

“As enterprises are moving from legacy messaging systems toward unified communications, they are looking to avoid getting locked into closed platforms like Exchange 2007. The uptake in Apple laptops and iPhones in 2007 is a compelling indication IT managers are seeking more reliable, more secure, user-friendly, and multi-media capable technologies. As such, it’s critical the applications powering these products share the same qualities of performance and reliability,” said Jon Doyle, the company's vice-president business development.

CommuniGate Pro’s calendaring services enables colleagues to share calendaring resources regardless of their operating system and client software – Microsoft Outlook in Exchange mode, Apple iCal, CommuniGate Pro Pronto!, and any other CalDAV client. This means Mac users can communicate with others who might be using Microsoft Outlook or other client products.

The company also offers network operators and ISPs a new Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, particularly for the Mac Enterprise market.

CommuniGate Pro’s calendaring features are tightly unified with all other methods of communication - voice, video, email, presence, chat, and other groupware applications. Users receive a single identity and secure login for all their internet communication.

“CommuniGate Pro has the clear distinction for over a decade now as the most reliable and powerful server for Apple products. We look forward to expanding the CalDAV features, especially for the iPhone and over-the-air (OTA) support," promised Doyle.