Markzware has introduced software that lets users convert InDesign 5 files into QuarkXPress documents. It is called InDesign To QuarkXPress, or ID2Q.

The company also offers software to convert XPress documents into InDesign files, called QuarkXPress to InDesign (Q2ID).

ID2Q is an XTension that easily converts InDesign files (v1.5 through 5.x) into QuarkXPress v6.x or 7.x documents. The conversion includes elements of the documents such as object positions, colours, fonts, text attributes, images, and so on. ID2Q also converts cross-platform files; for instance, converting Windows InDesign files to Mac QuarkXPress and vice versa.

“It's clear to me that we will be working with two page layout applications for many years to come. Markzware's ID2Q and Q2ID are essential when you need to convert documents between the two - in fact, they're the first truly essential new tools of this bilingual era,” said Jay Nelson, editor and publisher of Design Tools Monthly.

ID2Q v3 is available for immediate download or on CD, starting at £139 for new users for both Mac and Windows. Registered users of previous versions of ID2Q v1.x and above can upgrade for £79. Educational pricing and volume discounts are available.