A row over a 'pirated' version of Wolfire Games' Lugaru that appeared for sale in the Mac App Store at a fraction of the price of the official version has been settled.

MacNN reports that the unofficial version, posted in the Mac App Store by iCoder, has now been removed. What's more, Wolfire Games is offering anyone who bought the unofficial version a free replacement.

However, Wolfire Games said that it had still not heard anything from Apple about the whole issue, after lodging a complaint last week.

"We're not sure who took it down, or what will happen to the customers who were tricked into buying the fake copy, or the money they paid for it. We still haven't heard anything from Apple," the company wrote on its blog.

"We don't think that the customers should be punished for buying the fake version -- they probably just assumed that all the games in the App Store are legitimate. We would have assumed the same thing until last week," it added.

The row centred on what Wolfire Games had meant when it made the source code of the game freely available in May 2010. iCoder's Alex Matlin was quoted as saying that his company had "every legal right to market and sell the software", even though it hadn't actually created the game.

Wolfire Games, though, was adamant that it had not released the rights for other developers to sell Lugaru as their own. "Open-source software is not freeware. It's as legal for them to sell Lugaru as it would be for them to sell Quake 3, Marathon, Aquaria, or Arx Fatalis. That is to say, it is completely illegal," it blogged last week.

Now the issue seems to be settled, though, Wolfire Games' move to make sure those who bought the unofficial version can get the real version at no extra cost has won them widespread praise.

"You guys are honestly some of the kindest people on the internet. I gladly pay for your software because i like supporting you guys," one player wrote in the comments section of the latest blog post.

"I hope this never happens again to you guys. Thumbs up if Wolfire is the greatest company ever! I wish I had my own bank account so I could buy all your games again... even the free ones," said another.

However, some wanted the company to take the case further. "If you don't show strength and a no nonsense attitude then people walk all over you. This bastard selling the game in the App Store is a prime example. Everyone is always looking for the easy money. Eventually Wolfire is going to have to make a choice...be nice or make an example out of people who abuse the law to profit off of nice people," one wrote.

Anyone who bought an unofficial copy of the game and wishes to claim a replacement should email [email protected], forwarding a copy of their receipt.