Professional Final Cut Pro users have been presented with new softward, Damages, from developer DigiEffects.

Damage is a collection of four effects plug-ins for video professionals which apply a variety of defects, errors and artifacts to video for editors searching for that dated or damaged effect.

Along with Final Cut Pro, the software also supports Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Autodesk Combustion and Boris RED.

"We designed the Damage package to be the most comprehensive set of tools for creating images that look affected by digital or analogue artifacts available." said Digieffects president, Robert Sharp.

Four effects are included in the selection: Blockade, Artifact, Interference and Skew.

Blockade emulates the kind of video quality you get from most mobile phone recordings, making professionally shot video appear compressed.

Artifact simulates lost DCT blocks and frame dropping, most often seen when a digital video file suffers from corruption or a satellite feed is hampered by weather.

Interference created interlaced video fields, even on progressive footage or still images, adding noise, colourisation and offset separately for each field.

Skew introduced noise, image shearing and ghost images, emulating the appearance of television signals in areas of poor reception.

Damage costs $99.