Third party developers are beginning to release software updates to guarantee Leopard compatibility following the release of Apple's new OS.

VMware's Fusion 1.1 is an updated version of its virtualisation software for Intel Macs. The version presently available was tested with the pre-release version of Apple's new OS, but the company will introduce a final build once it has had a chance to test against Leopard.

Nolobe today announced Interarchy 8.5.4, a maintenance release that adds Leopard support and is recommended for all Interarchy 8 customers. The update also improves reliability when waking Intel Macs from sleep.

Ergonis Software has announced a Leopard update to PopChar 3.3, its popular tool for inserting umlauts and special characters into the text of any application.

"As with every time when Apple rolls out a new version of Mac OS X, we know that many of our customers would not upgrade to the new OS without being sure that their favorite font utility works on the new platform," said Christoph Reichenberger, founder and CEO of Ergonis Software. "We are happy to announce the Leopard-ready version of PopChar X today, right after the official release of Mac OS X 10.5."

Ovolab has released free Leopard-compatible updates for its telephony software Phlink and its photo geolocation software Geophoto.

Aquafadas last week announced the immediate availability of software updates for iDive (1.8.6) and PulpMotion (1.4.6) which are fully compatible with Mac OS 10.5 Leopard. iDive includes a new export feature to send clips to the new iMovie'08 library and use them right away while PulpMotion gets a number of bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Further Leopard compatibility updates for Mac applications are emerging hourly, readers should keep an eye on developer websites for their favourite applications.