DragThing 5.8 is available now from TLA Systems.

The software extends what Mac users can do with their Mac OS X dock. It makes all users' documents, folders and applications accessible in a single click from the dock.

The company also confirmed a collaboration with Sig Software, under which DragThing becomes the official upgrade path for users of the latter company's Drop Drawers application.

DragThing can now directly import settings from Drop Drawers, including the contents, keyboard shortcuts and appearance of drawers.

Gideon Greenspan of Sig Software said: "DragThing is an outstanding product that provides all the functionality of Drop Drawers and more. TLA Systems have done a superb job with the importing. I'm sure users of Drop Drawers will enjoy the many extra features that DragThing has to offer. I'm now running DragThing myself!"

Registered users of Sig Software's Drop Drawers can upgrade to DragThing for $19, a $10 discount on the normal cost of $29. The release is also free for registered users of DragThing 5.