dvGarage has released the latest version of its powerful node-based special-effects plug-in for Final Cut Pro HD and Motion 2.

Conduit 1.5 lets movie makers use a node-based compositing window when applying effects. This means those effects can be built using a flow chart, in a similar manner to the way they are applied in Shake.

"Conduit fuses the entire compositing process into an efficient graphics processing unit (GPU) application," says Alex Lindsay, dvGarage founder and chief architect. "As a result, when you build an effect in Conduit, you're actually getting better performance and colour precision than Final Cut Pro offers on its own."

Conduit 1.5 employs Apple's FXPlug technology to combine high-end nodal compositing with high-performance Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) acceleration, providing users with a powerful variety of visual effects compositing tools that render in real time.

Conduit is available for download and costs $149. The download includes: Conduit for Apple Final Cut Pro 1.5.1 or Motion 2, a three-month membership of Pixel Corps, over an hour of video training and a quick-start guide.