Eat Pray Love, a new Columbia Pictures feature film based on the Elizabeth Gilbert novel of the same title and starring Julia Roberts, was edited entirely in Final Cut Pro. Apple has posted a page detailing the editing team's immense task of turning 70 hours of footage shot in four different countries into a two hour film--all on a tight time-frame.

Eat Pray Love follows Julia Roberts's character as she travels the world in search of love and inner balance. The film was shot entirely on location over a four-and-a-half month rolling production effort, and first-time feature film editor Bradley Buecker was given the daunting task of assembling and shaping the film's vast amounts of raw footage.

Buecker details how using a Final Cut Pro-based editorial workflow helped maximize efficiency in an editing environment where long distance shooting imposed major time constraints on the editing team. He cites Apple's latest ProRes codec as "the foundation of our workflow," and Final Cut's new background exporting feature "saved us many times." Soundtrack Pro was also put into use in the early editing process, and Compressor was used to convert footage to QuickTime movies for the sound and music departments.

Eat Pray Love

This isn't the first time Final Cut Pro has been used to edit a feature film--the Coen brothers's No Country for Old Men was the first movie edited entirely on a Mac to win the Best Picture Oscar. Since then, major studios have turned to Apple's flagship film production software to edit numerous feature films.

Eat Pray Love opens in the UK on 24 September 2010.

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