German developer iwascoding has introduced a new version of its eBay auction management software, GarageSale 4.0.

GarageSale can be used to build eBay auctions on a Mac, offering a WYSIWYG auction editor and iPhoto, digital camera, or iSight image imports. GarageSale supports advanced eBay features such as item attributes, and automatically uploads auction images to a web server via FTP, .Mac, or WebDAV. More than 120 free listing designs are included with GarageSale. Users can upload up to 10 images per auction free of charge to the GarageSale Image Service.

The company describes the new version as an extensive update which provides an improved user interface that unifies auction and template modes into a single view. Users can edit their auctions completely within GarageSale's web preview.

GarageSale 4.0 now uploads multiple auctions and item images simultaneously, resulting in faster auction uploads. The software costs $29.99.