UK software developer Crimson Sky Software will next month release BitClamp, software it claims makes data encryption easy for anyone.

BitClamp is a new encryption tool that's described as one of the most in-depth encryption solutions on the Mac. It lets users secure data quickly, easily and effectively in a one stage process. First, it compresses document to save drive space, then encrypts it in one of a series of encryption standards from 64-Bit 'Blowfish' encryption to 128-Bit 'Serpent' and 'AES' encryption for mission critical documents.

The developer claims its software is a simple to use, secure, fast, drag-&- drop application with a Cocoa look and feel, and the developers plan to port the product to Windows in the first half of 2008.

Also available is a free decryption agent, which lets users remove encryption from files, but not to encrypt them.