equinux has introduced VPN Tracker 5, the next generation of the virtual private networking client for OS X.

VPN Tracker 5 offers security, performance and workflow improvements, in fact, the application has been completely re-written and optimised for remote workers. There's a new user interface and an improved IPSec engine, which means VPN Tracker 5 can establish a secure IPSec tunnel in a third of the time it took in previous iterations.

equinux claims its new user interface makes it easier to configure and manage connections, offering an interactive help system that suggests what needs to be done to fix any problems.

In order to deploy VPN Tracker on multiple workstations, VPN Tracker 5 Professional now lets you create disk images with the client as well as a voucher to automatically activate the client and email a pre-configured connection file. Exported connections can also be locked and encrypted for additional security to prevent unauthorized editing of connections.

Multiple VPN connections can be started and stopped independently and VPN Tracker 5 also supports the latest security technologies, such as SmartCards, PKI Tokens and can securely store all passwords and Preshared Keys in the Mac OS X Keychain.

Three versions of the software are available: VPN Tracker 5 Professional (€236) provides all features, including support for very high encryption algorithms (AES-192 and AES-256) and is aimed at professional users working in complex networks; VPN Tracker Personal (€117) is for office users attempting to connect securely to their company network; VPN Tracker Player (€82) connects to existing VPN connections.

A trial version of the software is available for download.