equinux has introduced a new version of its TV software for Macs, The Tube 2.0, featuring many new social features as companies across the board consider how to ride the social networking wave.

The new TubeTalk feature lets TV viewers chat with others about the current program or follow others as they channel surf with BuddySurfing. For every running television program, there is a visible chat room, in which all viewers can use to chat with one another. In the channel list, each viewer can see how many viewers are currently watching the running program for each channel, as well as when new messages are being sent.

Users can create their own profile, complete with user name, picture and status.

Once a show is scheduled for recording in the electronic programming guide, The Tube automatically removes any other shows during that time slot. Recordings are stored in the Movies folder.

Registered users can download The Tube 2.0 for free from the equinux website or by using the update function in the software. The software costs €19.95 for new users.