equinux has released The Tube 2.5, introducing the free TubeToGo service.

TubeToGo lets users of the software make TV recordings available in an online gallery, gaining complete access to recordings. Users can also schedule recordings on the go.

This system lets users employ the internet to have constant access to the TV recordings on their Macs at home. Shows can be accessed by a web-connected iPhone, iPod touch or using Safari. TubeToGo also includes an electronic programme guide which can be used to schedule TV recordings.

After a recording has been completed, The Tube automatically syncs with TubeToGo, which can either store videos using .Mac or a user's own FTP server.

The Tube 2.5 displays the current viewer levels of other The Tube users as a percentage and also highlights the station with the most viewers. It also offers a new TV engine that improves image quality, even when reception is poor, and also optimises power consumption.