Extensis has announced Portfolio Server 8.5, which it calls a "significant upgrade" to its digital asset management (DAM) system.

The Portfolio 8.5 product family includes Portfolio Server, Portfolio Client, Portfolio Express, Portfolio NetPublish and SQL Connect modules, as well as a Single-User version of Portfolio.

The upgrade improves workflow features to organize and exchange digital files using visual cataloguess and embedded metadata.

Portfolio Server 8.5 also includes new features to automate metadata-driven organization, tracking, and distribution of digital assets and integrates directly with Adobe Creative Suite 3 applications using the new Portfolio Project Sync feature.

“Portfolio Server 8.5 enhances Adobe Creative Suite 3 by providing a multi-channel solution to digital asset management” said Davin Kluttz, Extensis product manager. “We know that creatives work most efficiently in a familiar environment like Adobe CS3. This release of Portfolio Server 8.5 allows creatives to remain in their preferred environment while allowing themselves and the rest of the organization to harness the power of the Portfolio Server database.”
“Portfolio Server’s metadata-driven functionality extends the value of Adobe CS3 as a powerful distribution and dynamic web publishing system,” said Mike Wallen, senior product manager for Adobe’s Creative Solutions Business Unit. “This level of integration achieved through the new Version Cue CS3 SDK benefits users in almost any organization, simplifying complex workflows through direct connectivity to DAM solutions.”
Portfolio Server 8.5 comes with Project Sync and includes several enhancements, including improved XMP and file format support, greater performance and stability, as well as additional features that help automate management of complex metadata.

Portfolio NetPublish 8.5 also includes a number of new features, including advanced logging for reporting user traffic as well as visual watermarking functionality, for images, to prevent unauthorized use.
Portfolio Server 8.5 for workgroups will be available for download and purchase in Summer 2007. Portfolio Server 8.5 and all client components will be available free of charge for existing customers with Annual Service Agreements (ASA). Pricing for all other versions, including upgrades, will be announced before the software ships later this summer.