Extensis has announced the newest release of its Digital Asset Management (DAM) software, Portfolio Server 10, which includes new iPad and HD video capabilities that enable worldwide access to digital media.

"Employees and clients are infinitely mobile and over 75 percent of businesses plan to deploy tablets by the end of 2013," said Davin Kluttz, Extensis' Senior Product Manager for DAM Solutions. "Our goal is to deliver the tools that keep them efficient."

Portfolio Server's Media Engine, powered by Equilibrium MediaRich Server, simplifies common production tasks and enables fast file processing on the server. Users can deliver files for mobile devices or different platforms by converting them into the desired format without slowing down their personal workstation.

New product features include NetPublish Tablet Template – the ability to search, preview, play and download digital media anywhere from the iPad, as well as enhanced A/V support to manage and playback audio and video files via the Web. Users can also start searching sooner and process jobs faster with a media engine cluster. NetMediaMAX HD will convert video for the web and mobile devices, while administration and access by users is improved with Active Directory integration

Pricing starts at $1,999 (around £1,259). Competitive upgrades are available for a variety of products, including Final Cut Pro Server. Existing Portfolio Server customers under a current annual service agreement (ASA) will receive product upgrades free of charge, and upgrade pricing is also available for existing Portfolio Standalone, Portfolio Server and Portfolio Studio customers.