Extensis has introduced more detail on the company's forthcoming font management seminars which begin in London tomorrow.

Seminars are being held in conjunction with some of their top UK dealers, including Jigsaw, Solutions Inc and Square Group. Extensis will preview their soon-to-be-released font management server product Universal Type Server at the events.

Extensis will discuss the challenges of font management, offering good advice on creating the correct environment for font usage among workgroups.

The series will consist of seven seminars taking place between April and June 2008:

15 April 2008: London (with Jigsaw)
17 April 2008: Manchester (GBM Digital)
24 April 2008: Brighton (Solutions Inc)
29 April 2008: Bristol (Western Computer)
13 May 2008: Nottingham (Jigsaw)
15 May 2008: London (Square Group)
5 June 2008: Edinburgh (RGB Solutions)

More details on these events are available from Extensis.