Back to my Mac may be useful, but a new solution promises an alternative means for Mac users to search the contents of their machines remotely.

How to set up and use Back To My Mac

Flying Mac's FarFinder 1.1 introduces a new remote Spotlight search feature, meaning its users can search the contents of their Macs using any web browser, on any platform, including the iPhone.

FarFinder offers a remote access service for the Mac, making data available through a Finder-style interface that enables browsing of the contents of a Mac, downloading and uploading of files, and more.

FarFinder also provides the more powerful Finder search that lets you restrict your results to individual folders or to just the names of files, as well as allowing sorting. Naturally, you can jump from one to the other with Spotlight's "Show All" option.

Also new is the ability to take photos with your Mac's camera. This feature was inspired by the story of Kait Duplaga, who recovered her stolen laptop by remotely photographing the thieves using Back to My Mac.

A fully-functional 15-day test of the service is available from the firm, the software and service costs $35.