A low-cost (€24/£17.81) video editor that reintroduces editing elements dismissed in the latest version of iMovie has been introduced by a German software firm.

Timesforfun.de has introduced FastCut 3.0.3 for Macs. The application exploits the power of the graphics processing unit for accelerating calculations and promises advanced real-time video editing.

FastCut offers 3D motion and effects, keyframe animation, masking and keying, video transition and filter alongside special effects, and an integrated ATSUI live title editor with title effects and more.

FastCut has been designed for real-time processing and uses Apple's CoreImage technology for filter effects. Users of older Macs benefit as the software dynamically scales the playback quality for optimal playback performance.

FastCut 3 comes with fgrab, a screen movie capture utility. Fgrab is not only the fastest screen movie capture utility which captures screen events in a format that can be used by the video editing app.

The latest version introduces motion blur for animations and full Leopard compatibility.