Transferring large files online got easier this morning with the release of FileCatalyst.

The software – which is aimed at creative users working with and transferring huge files – boosts throughput and reliability for users engaged in point-to-point file transfers.

As described, the Java-based solution lets you transfer 3D animations, large images and video assets at speeds the company claims to be "up to 50 times faster" than you get using FTP software. FileCatalyst has been developed by Unlimi-Tech Software and can be remotely installed on a Mac in under 20 minutes.

"We can guarantee a FileCatalyst customer's connection throughput improvement before they even get our software, said Chris Bailey, Unlimi-Tech's CEO. "FileCatalyst delivers data up to 50 times faster than systems based on file transfer protocol (FTP)."

As an example of what its solution is capable of, the company discusses Brazilian company and FileCatalyst user, Rain Network. That company has connected cinemas digitally for the transfer of films using the internet (cable, satellite and DSL) to 158 cinemas in South America, the UK and US.

Rain Network claims to "routinely transmit" over 250 feature films a month, each around 15 to 20GB in size.