FileMaker has announced the winners of its inaugural Cube Awards recognising businesses and developers for their database skills.

The awards were created to recognise the efforts of those that have developed innovative productivity-boosting solutions using FileMaker.

The event ceremony took place The Queen’s Club, London. Awards were divided into four categories: Education, Business, Impact and the Champion award with a special Winner of Winners award announced at the end of the ceremony.

The 2007 Cube award winners were:

- The Education Award: 3 Square Associates
- The Business Award: Cordis Technology
- The Impact Award: Cancer Research
- The Champion Award: Paul de Halle, Linear Blue
- Winner of Winners: Cordis Technology

Tony Speakman, northern regional manager, FileMaker said: “The FileMaker Cube Awards gave us an opportunity to recognise those people who are at the front line in terms of using technology within their industry. The awards showed that although we have a big community of technical developers we also have a number of people that are not tech-savvy but are creating innovative solutions to meet business challenges everyday.”