FileMaker has offered more information about what known problems there are when running FileMaker on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

FileMaker has also confirmed that it has not tested earlier (pre-FileMaker 9) versions of its software on Leopard, and will not release Leopard compatibility updates for earlier versions.

The company is currently aware of two incompatibilities: with Leopard each language version of FileMaker Pro 9 and FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced works only when the Mac OS System Preference 'International Formats Region' is set to a specific region. The second problem is that Instant Web Publishing doesn't work.

"The English language version of FileMaker works only when the region is United States. It does not work when the region is United Kingdom, or Australia, or France, or any other region," the company explains.

"FileMaker Server 9 and FileMaker Server 9 Advanced currently do not deploy properly on Leopard. We are working on Leopard compatibility updates for FileMaker Server 9 and FileMaker Server 9 Advanced but do not have an estimated availability date at this time,” the company said in a support note.

The company seems to be aiming to release its Leopard compatibility update on 19 November.