FileMaker has released updates for Server 9 and Server 9 Advanced that add Leopard compatibility to the database products. The updates resolve a compatibility issue that first emerged when Apple released OS X 10.5 in October.

A day prior to Leopard's 26 October launch, FileMaker warned that its FileMaker 9 line of products - which includes both FileMaker Pro 9 and FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced in addition to the two server products - were not compatible with OS X 10.5; the company also recommended that Leopard users not run FileMaker 9 products.

Within a week, the company released FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced updates that delivered some Leopard compatibility, with a second update in December expanding OS X 10.5 support for those two apps. But FileMaker said last autumn that updates for Server 9 and Server 9 Advanced weren't expected until early 2008.

Those updates arrived Tuesday and are available from FileMaker's website. FileMaker Server 9.0.3 delivers a number of fixes including the ability to close databases and disconnect clients while a FileMaker ODBC/JDBC session is active and unmount or eject a network or external disk after uploading it from a database using the Admin Console, among other changes. The update also delivers improvements to the PHP Site Assistant.

FileMaker says that users of version 9.0.1 of Server or Server Advanced need to first update to FileMaker Server 9.0.2 before downloading the newest version.