FileMaker released an initial Leopard compatibility update last night, for FileMakler Pro 9 and FileMaker Pro 9.0 Advanced.

The update addresses (version 9.0v2) an issue that had caused FileMaker to crash when creating files if the system language and region didn't not match.

The update doesn't grapple with problems using Instant Web Publishing (IWP) on Leopard - an update for this is promised next month.

FileMaker expects to deliver a Leopard compatibility update for its Server products in early 2008. FileMaker Server 9 and FileMaker Server 9 Advanced currently do not deploy properly on Leopard. In the meantime, FileMaker Pro 9 and FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced clients running on Leopard do work with FileMaker Server and Server Advanced running on Tiger or earlier versions of Mac OS X.