FileMaker has introduced an upgraded version of its Business Productivity Kit.

This software is designed to help small businesses become more productive. Improvements include several new capabilities including the FileMaker Web Viewer for integration with live web data and new features for improved layout design and enhanced customisation.

Small businesses can use the Business Productivity Kit immediately for tracking customer and vendor contacts, sales, product information, invoicing, shipping and other key business data – all within an integrated database solution. The kit also provides a “How to Build This Solution Yourself” learning guide complete with sample graphics to assist users in customising their database.

The Business Productivity Kit is an integrated set of business solutions (it manages contacts, e-mail, inventory, projects and sales orders) with an easy-to-use Main Menu.
“The FileMaker Business Productivity Kit provides a fast-track for getting productive in just minutes using FileMaker Pro 9 and has been tremendously popular with small business users since its introduction in 2005,” said Ryan Rosenberg, vice president marketing and service, FileMaker.

“With our upgraded kit, users can now deploy our latest web and customisation tools to intelligently, quickly and easily manage all the data essential to small business success.” 

The software includes features for: Managing contacts and companie; inventory management; processing sales; tracking projects and production; targeted mail; and for the production of invoices, reports and mailing labels

The kit requires FileMaker Pro 9, which is available for both Windows and Mac OS X. A free 30-day trial of FileMaker Pro 9 is also available for download.