SubRosaSoft has intoruduced FileSalvage 6, the latest iteration of its data recovery app for Mac.

This version provides support for custom file type recovery, embedded file search, and new bootable DVD.

FileSalvage 6 can restore accidentally deleted files, unreadable files of files lost as the result of re-initialising or formatting the drive. The solution also lets users recover files from a USB drive, Linux disk, Windows drive, Flash drive, scratched CD, "almost any media or file system that can be recognised in Mac OS X," the company claims.

FileSalvage 6 also adds the ability to search for embedded files - helpful for recovering web caches or mbox format email folders.

The latest version is available on a dual-boot bootable DVD that will start up from either a Power PC or Intel based Macintosh.

Additional features include File Preview, so users don't waste time recovering files they don't need, and File Renamer, wich reconstructs file names of popular formats. such as MP3 or JPEG.

FileSalvage 6 is capable of recovering data from mechanically unsound disks or corrupted devices. The software requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or above.

FileSalvage 6 costs $89.95 plus shipping for the CD version or $79.95 for the download only version.