London’s Met Film School trains students using Macs because it believes Apple programs will be the future of the video industry.

Apple's latest feature article on its website looks at the work of the school, which is also an Apple Authorised Training Centre for Education.

Because teachers at the school believe Apple's video products will form part of the future of the industry, they see skills in the software as essential for their student's future careers. As such, the Met Film School trains 200 students annually in Final Cut Pro skills up to Apple certification level.

The Met Film School is based at Ealing Studios in West London, and is owned by Arts Alliance Media, itself one of Europe’s leading providers of digital distribution services.

“It’s now possible to shoot a feature film, and undertake finishing, film and sound editing, on equipment that can be bought with a credit card," said the CEO and founder of the school, Luke Montagu.

“Apple has done more than anyone to lower the barrier to entry in filmmaking with its price points for Final Cut Pro, in particular. It would have been crazy to teach another tool, and expect students wanting to set up their own editing service in future to have to invest a lot more money," he adds.

The report is available here.