The video industry seems set for a boon year, according to a survey of video professionals.

Researchers at Larry Jordan and Associates conducted a survey among 219 video editors to arrive at the conclusion. The survey team notes the majority of those surveyed were or are using Final Cut Pro HD.

Optimism is high: seventy-three per cent of video editors responding to the January survey about business conditions this year said they expect business to be better than last year.

"As self-employed professionals, editors are among the first to feel the effects of a changing economy," said Larry Jordan, president of Larry Jordan and Associates. "It's a good sign overall that they are feeling so optimistic. Part of this optimism is due, I think, to the explosive growth in video communications that we are seeing in companies such as Google Video and YouTube, as well as the increasingly common use of video on corporate websites."

Responding to questions about their businesses in 2007, 25 per cent of the video editors surveyed believe business will be much better than 2006; 48 per cent believe it will be better than 2006; and 24 per cent believe it will be the same as 2006.

Forty per cent of video editors believe gross revenue will grow more than 10 per cent, well outpacing worldwide growth of 3-3.3 per cent. An ebullient 98 per cent of video editors who voted in the survey believe revenue will be equal to or better than it was last year.

Based in Southern California, Larry Jordan and Associates provides consulting, training and support for editors and post-production firms using Final Cut Studio.