Apple has announced the availability of Final Cut Pro 10.01, offering many new features, including: XML support; the ability to create and edit Final Cut Pro projects and Events on XSAN; what Apple calls Media Stems Export - enabling one to export files based on tags, and a host of other enhancements.

Furthermore, Multicam Editing and Broadcast Monitoring, have been promised from early 2012.

It seems clear Apple is working hard to address the complaints from the professional editing community during the initial release of Final Cut Pro X. Now with version 10.01 the future seems brighter with other, much needed professional features promised for early 2012.

New features for Final Cut Pro X 10.01 include:

Media Stems Export

Traditional, track-based editing systems require you to constantly rearrange and disable tracks to export audio and video stems. With the latest version of Final Cut Pro X, flexible metadata removes the burden of track management. Use the new Roles tag to label clips — dialogue, effects, music, and more — then export a single multitrack file or separate stems based on your tags. You can even apply Roles to video clips and graphics for a powerful new way to deliver separate files for versioning and localization.

FInal Cut Pro X

Rich XML Support

Now you can import and export Final Cut Pro X project and Event information via a rich XML format. XML interchange enables a wide range of third-party workflows, including high-end visual effects, color grading, and media asset management. Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve, Square Box System’s CatDV, and many other third-party applications will offer XML-based workflows with Final Cut Pro X.

Projects and Events on Xsan

Create and edit your Final Cut Pro X projects and Events on Xsan. Ideal for multi-user workflows, you can import media through Final Cut Pro X and place it directly on the SAN. Multiple users can access the same source media, and each editor can create separate projects and Events on the SAN. Users can then edit from any system attached to the SAN, making it easy to move between computers and continue working.

Custom Starting Timecode

Set the start time of your project to a custom timecode value to accommodate color bars and tone, or to meet broadcast delivery specifications.

Full-screen view in Lion

Use every inch of your display when working in Final Cut Pro X. And easily navigate to other applications with a swipe.

One-step Transitions on Connected Clips

Add a transition to a connected clip or between multiple connected clips without manually creating a secondary storyline.

GPU-accelerated export

Harness the power of the GPU on your graphics card to speed up foreground export.

New Theme: Tribute

Access the new Tribute theme, with four animated titles and a matching transition.

Camera Import SDK

Camera manufacturers can use the Camera Import SDK to write plug-ins for importing media from a wide range of cameras. For example, Sony is updating their XDCAM EX plug-in to support native import directly intoFinal Cut Pro X.

Coming in early 2012

  • Multicam Editing
  • Broadcast-Quality Video Monitoring