"Late June to mid-July" is Square Enix's timeframe, and the SRPG classic will get an HD version for iPad as well.

Since it was announced during last year's E3 expo, Square Enix's iOS port of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions stayed submerged for quite a while. But in an official post on Facebook, FFT's assistant producer posted a new update on the game that slightly solidifies a release date for the game.

The producer states "late June to mid-July" for the release of the game, which isn't an actual day, but is clearer than the previous "spring" release that was given. On iOS, War of the Lions will naturally adopt touch-based controls to select commands in battles, as seen in the screenshot above (a few more are in the linked Facebook post as well).

War of the Lions is also getting a version for iPad (which we'll bet is likely separate and for more money, based on the rest of Square Enix's catalog), with upgraded "HD" graphics, but the only proof shown so far in the Facebook post was enhanced character portraits. It might be possible that other character sprites will be redrawn, but Square is mum so far. Nevertheless, those who missed the improved FFT on PSP ought to look forward for the iOS version within the next couple of months.