According to Square Enix's Facebook page, the iPhone port of the PSP version of the PS1 strategy RPG Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions has been delayed a bit. Originally set to come out in late June, the fact that it's now early July and the game isn't available yet should tell you that there's a little longer to wait.

The company didn't give a specific release date but instead assistant producer Shiina said, and I quote, "now the release date is set to July... twen... blah... blah... or it could be the end of July." So, July twenty-somethingth then.

Shiina also confirmed that the iPhone version will include Retina display support (though "not all the graphics have been upgraded") as well as the fact that the game includes an autosave function if the player gets a phone call in mid-battle. "Honestly, it took much time to add this function," said Shiina. "It made the dev team exhausted."

The iPhone version is not a universal app, meaning it hasn't been specifically designed for iPad. An iPad-specific version is set to hit the App Store one month later than the iPhone version -- so, August twentysomethingth then. There are also no plans for DLC add-ons, and the PSP version's multiplayer mode has been cut. The game also won't run on anything less than an iPhone 3GS, meaning that owners of the first or second generation iPod touch will also be out of luck.

Shiina is "really sorry" for the game's delay.