First Direct has become the first UK bank to launch an iPhone app that not only lets you check your balance but make transactions as well.

It'll also let you view the last 20 account transactions and transfer money between accounts too. You'll need to be a First Direct customer registered for the company's Internet Banking service to use the app.

The app, which can be downloaded now for free from the App Store, is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad, though First Direct plans to expand to other platforms within the next year.

"The iPhone App is as a huge step forward, but it's just the beginning of our ambitions for mobile banking. Our plans for 2011 are to make our 'on the go' mobile service available on other smartphone devices," said Matt Colebrook, CEO of First Direct.

"We chose to go with the iPhone first because that's where our customers are. Over the last 12 months, the iPhone has grown to become the 6th largest source of visitors to our website and whilst Android is growing rapidly, it's nowhere near the iPhone just yet," he continued.

Other UK banks such as the Royal Bank of Scotland do offer iPhone apps but these don't offer transactional facilities.