• Five reasons you should install Mavericks today
  • Discover the best new features in Mac OS X Mavericks
  • Don't miss out on Apple’s free Mac update

Apple’s Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks is a free upgrade to the operating system for Macs and Macbooks. Apple Mavericks features a range of new Mac apps and utilities, and can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

Even so, some people are sitting on the fence when it comes to Mavericks, preferring the devil they know to the one they don’t. If you're still undecided about upgrading to Mac OS X10.9 Mavericks then here are some things you are missing out on. Here are five reasons to upgrade to Mac OS X Mavericks today:

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Mavericks makes multi-screen work

You may only have a Mad with one screen, but it’s never been easier (or cheaper) to add a second display to a Mac. Mac OS X Mavericks makes multiple displays much easier to use thanks to a roaming Menu-bar that switches to whichever display you’re working on.

In Mac OS X Mavericks you also get to use apps full screen in one window, while working on the desktop in another. You can even have full-screen video in one display while you work on another display. It’s so good for displays that you’ll probably want to pick up a second one.

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 Mavericks Multi displays

Mavericks gives you better battery life

Mac OS X Mavericks is packed with energy saving technology and can dramatically improve the performance of your Macbook. Technologies like Power Nap and Timer Coalescing ensure that Mac OS X squeezes every last bit of performance from the Mac battery. It takes a while before the full effect kicks in, but when it does you can look forward to working for longer. Apple explains all this in its Advanced Technologies support site.

Power users will also appreciate the new Energy tab in Activity Monitor which enables you to spot, and switch off apps and processes that are taking up a lot of energy.

Mavericks Energy Saver

Don’t miss out on Maps & iBooks

Mac OS X introduces two pretty sweet apps from iOS to the Mac. The first is Maps, which enables you to do the usual search and directions on a Mac. We still think that Google Maps has the edge of Apple Maps, but it’s great to be able to use flyover in full screen with all the power of a Mac.

iBooks finally enables you to view digital books on the Mac. Another neat part of iBooks is it takes books out of iTunes and into a place where they make more sense. And it’s all linked to iCloud so your library is synced wirelessly.

The best part of both apps is the integration between Mac OS X and iOS. Yuu can bounce directions straight from Maps on your Mac to an iPhone or iPad; and notes and bookmarks made in iBooks appear on the iPad or iPhone.

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Mavericks Maps

No more gaudy fake leather and wood

Contacts, Calendars and Notes no longer have the fake leather and artificial paper look to them. The Contents app is especially pleasant to look at in stripped back gray and white. The argument about skeuomorphism can rage back and forth, but few people were fans of seeing the fake leather and wood effect inside Mac OS X.

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Mavericks Flat Design

It’s more secure thanks to iCloud Keychain

We’ve been fans of professional password systems like 1Password for a while now, believing that replacing a single password (even a hard-to-crack password) with multiple randomly generated passwords in a user system is good secure advice.

iCloud Key Haiun bring this concept to the masses, and the integration between Mac OS X and iOS should be reason enough for any person to use them. The amount of information you place about yourself online is scary, and having your passwords and accounts cracked can be a nightmare. Modern password cracking systems can crack passwords of ridiculous lengths, so there’s nothing really stopping anybody from guessing your password. iCloud Keychain takes care of this by creating and storing multiple passwords.

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Finally… Mavericks is a free download

Finally it’s always worth remembering that Mavericks is a free update, and that Apple is going to be issuing free updates from here on in. If you haven’t got Mavericks yet then now is the time to download a copy.