Amayeta's Flash encryption tools, SWF Encrypt 4.0 and SWC Encrypt 1.0 are now available for Mac OSX.

SWF Encrypt 4.0 for Mac OSX, released in February 2007 for Windows, provides Adobe Flash Developers with advanced technology to protect and secure their Flash ActionScript Code.

ActionScript is the programming language used for scripting Adobe Flash movies and applications, referred to as SWF Files. The Adobe SWF File Format is an "Open File Format" which means there is no native protection and the contents of the SWF file can be viewed using Flash Decompiler Tools. These tools break open the resources that make up a SWF file and can display the full ActionScript Source Code.

SWF Encrypt 4.0 shields ActionScript from Flash Decompilers and SWF hackers by encrypting and obfuscating the SWF whilst retaining its original functionality.

SWC Encrypt 1.0 is the industries first Encryption Tool for Flash Component Files. The products are available now for Windows and Mac OSX. Pricing is $125 for a single user license, per product.