German software developer NovaMedia has introduced new software that significantly enhances Mac OS X's support for mobile phones.

Fonelink lets users manage data on their phone from their Mac, enabling them to browse files stored on the device, transfer and convert music, images and videos and copy contacts, events and other tasks.

The developer suggests its softare is a more integrated solution than simpy using iSync and Bluetooth, and the solution offers support for phones connected to the Mac via USB.

It also features a built-in ringtone editor allows to create individual ringtones from any compatible music file.

FoneLink is also capable of backing-up the mobile phone's data and also of restoring both single files and the complete data set.

Additional features include support for Smart Folders on the Mac: users can place fies in these folders to have them saved onto the mobile phone, including saving to the handset's smartcard.

Contacts can be exchanged with Address Book and iCal, while bookmarks on the phone can be edited and SMS messages saved on the Mac.

Fonelink also provides a "Media Centre" feature, which lets users access iLife media (iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie) and transfer content to their phone. The system also sports a smart conversion tool to rotate and resize images and songs for use on the phone.

FoneLink requires Mac OS X 10.4.9 or higher as well as a compatible mobile phone. It costs €25 and a demo version is available from the Berlin-based manufacturer's website.