Insider Software is shipping FontAgent Pro Server 2.0, its wide deployment solution for font control.

The server-based system offers department or enterprise-wide font management along with integrated diagnostics and repair features.

This version sits on a multi-threaded architecture designed to fully exploit Apple's new Intel-based Macs, resulting in a five- to ten-fold increase in font-server speed and scalability.

FontAgent Pro Server 2.0 expands the capacity of font libraries to tens of thousands of fonts and supports ten times as many users as previous versions.

FontAgent Pro Server 2 stores purchase and license information for purchased fonts so organizations can ensure they can manage and re-order fonts easily.

FontAgent Pro Server performs smarter, smaller, incremental updates of font libraries on both clients and servers. The software costs $1,695 per server. Each user connecting to the server also requires a licensed version of the $129.95 FontAgent Pro client.