MacAppADay plans to give away up to 5,000 copies of 30 Mac applications throughout December.

One free application will be made available each day of the festive month.

MacAppADay, a project of TheMacNurse, is to give away the applications as a bumper Christmas present for the Mac community. How can the company afford it? According to MacAppADay, the developers who make their programs available through the site thought a give-away would benefit for both end users and developers.

One developer noted: "It’s beneficial to the developers who have offered to contribute to this line up. Not only does it give further awareness of the applications, but also will give the users a better taste of the software, and hopefully encourage further sales of the applications in the future. It’s a win-win deal for both the users and developers."

The site claims the total retail value of the applications will come to "over $1.5 million dollars". The site is still looking for a few developers to complete the free-software round-up.