Softpress Systems this morning confirmed both Freeway 5 Pro and Freeway 5 Express will ship on 27 March.

The company's mamaging director, Richard Logan, described development of the latest iteration of the WYSIWYG website creation software as, "a milestone in the world of web design.

"Never before has it been this easy to create high-quality, fully-featured professional websites without coding knowledge."

Freeway 5 introduces a range of new tools, including those for the creation of CSS menus for site navigation. The facility to build bespoke Blogger templates and the ability to add Google content to websites using built-in Google Actions also feature in this release.

New accessibility provisions include reports and views to ensure site visitors can get to where they want, and the software also introduces a range of dynamic effects for use in sites.

Additional improvements include sliced background images, background effects, new graphic effects, nested HTML lists, Save Archive, iPhoto import and colour labeling.

Softpress is currently making available a public beta version of the in development software, making this available for free download from its website.

All purchasers of Freeway 4 after 1 January, 2008 are eligible to receive a free downloadable upgrade to the new version.