Following months of testing, Softpress Systems has released Freeway 5, its WYSIWYG web design software.

Two versions - Freeway 5 Pro and Freeway 5 Express are available now, with 30-day trials of both versions available for download from the firm.

"We are delighted to unleash Freeway 5," Softpress Managing Director Richard Logan said. "With many new features, Freeway 5 is the fastest and most powerful version we've ever released. We think both professional and casual web designers have never had better tools to create rich, standards-compliant websites."

Freeway 5 offers a range of new tools, including those for fast creation of CSS-based dropdown or other navigation menus; personalised Blogger templates and a suite of Google Actions.

Freeway 5 also offers a range of dynamic effects (from and accessibility provisions. Additional improvements to the popular website creation software include: sliced background images, background effects, new graphic effects, nested HTML lists, Save Archive, iPhoto import, colour labeling, and more.

Freeway 5 Pro ($249) and Freeway 5 Express ($79) are available now.