Independent game developer Isotope 244 has released Machines at War, a turn-based strategy game that combines qualities of that genre with arcade style game-play.

Atypically, Isotope 244 doesn't just develop games for the Mac, but also for the Pocket PC, Windows and Windows Mobile platforms - and would love to create mobile titles for the iPhone.

Company president and game developer, James Bryant, explains: "I would love to make games for the iPhone, I was disappointed to hear Apple wasn't allowing third parties to develop games for it, but I wasn't surprised, everything Apple does is kept very locked down."

Bryant has been developing games since 1992, taking his company full-time six years ago. "I've never looked back, it was the best decision I ever made." Bryant enjoys the freedom to follow his own paths, and draws much pleasure from his customer's responses to the games he creates.

The cross-platform developer's beginnings were fairly typical. He began with a Pascal class, and became obsessed with classic strategy title, Civilization. He moved to developing 3D and virtual reality titles, and began to sell titles to game publishers,

His decision to develop for the Mac was never a challenge, he believes the platform is in complete resurgence.

"They are everywhere these days. Their name recognition is stronger than ever. I love Apple because every product they make you can tell they spend their time on to get it right, their quality and usability are unmatched," he told Macworld.

The developer has a range of titles available for all platforms, along with a collection of screensavers it has made available for download.