GarageBand has become an essential tool for iPhone users, allowing users to create custom 40-second ringtones for the device.

The new ringtone export to iTunes feature was cunningly hidden within the GarageBand 4.1.1 update released by Apple at the end of last week.

The software now lets users create their own songs in GarageBand for use as iTunes ringtones. Users can now also select clips of up to 40 seconds in duration from music held in their iTunes library using GarageBand.

“With GarageBand 4.1.1 you can export your original song, your original audio recordings, or use Apple Loops and iLife jingles to create a custom ringtone for your iPhone,” Apple explains.

Users simply need to create a 'cycle region' that's up to 40 seconds in duration, add the audio they want to use and then invoke a new feature, the 'Send Rington to iTunes' feature within the application's Share menu.