A new TransMedia service promises to let Mac users exploit virtually all the files stored on their Macs using a mobile phone.

Available now in the US, Glide Sync and Glide Mobile services should let users access and edit files held on their computers using some BlackBerry, Nokia, Palm, Motorola, Samung, T-Mobile and Sony Ericsson mobile phones.

Company CEO, Donald Leka claimed: "Now Mac users can glide effortlessly between their mobile phones and Macs."

Glide automatically syncs images, music, videos, documents, iCal calendars, Address Book contacts, and Safari, Camino and Firefox bookmarks from a Mac using the internet so users can access "virtually all of their digital stuff" from a mobile, the company said of its hosted web service.

The service's own compatibility engine then delivers a user's files in the proper format and bit rate for access on various devices.

Additional features of the service include the capacity to create and edit documents, image manipulation, print ordering, the ability to send large files using a user's .Mac account from within a mobile phone, simple website creation and more.

More information is available from the company's website.